We connect people through their passion of food.

Num Lee Long Asian Groceries was established in 1983 as a brick and mortar store. Our prehistoric marketing campaign consisted of word-of-mouth referrals which has gradually led to some of Melbourne’s top rating restaurants becoming long serving customers. Even aspiring amateur chefs appearing on MKR and Master Chef are regular shoppers. It just goes to show that a combination of cheap prices, variety of stock and timely service can attract all sorts of customers.

We are now bringing our services online!

So in creating ‘Asian Pantry’ we are looking to connect a new generation of food lovers to our vast array of Asian products. We are proud to present an interactive website that will help you stock up your own pantry at home with the most sought after products from South-east Asia and beyond. With thousands of products in store, we are working tirelessly to bring them online. We welcome any requests for any items we have yet added or that secret ingredient that lifts your dish to a whole new level.

Our pantry is open……time to stock yours!