Asian Pantry and FareShare: United for a Hunger-Free Community

Asian Pantry is thrilled to embark on a meaningful partnership with FareShare, reinforcing our mutual dedication to addressing hunger and providing nutritious, well-prepared meals within our community. We commit to donating groceries to FareShare’s kitchens – the largest charity kitchens in Australia – to help add quality and nutritional richness to the meals they cook with care.

FareShare’s Unwavering Commitment

For over 22 years, FareShare has been steadfast in their vision that everyone should have access to a nutritious meal every day. In Melbourne and Brisbane, their incredible team of chefs and volunteers work tirelessly to transform generous donations into millions of free, ready-to-eat meals for people doing it tough each year.

The Ripple Effect

By choosing Asian Pantry, you become an essential part of this impactful partnership. With your patronage, we can continue our commitment to FareShare through the donation of our groceries. Your choice matters, and together, we can make a meaningful impact in our community. 

Your Impact Doesn’t Stop Here

Feel compelled to contribute more to the cause? Extend your impact by donating directly to FareShare. Your generous support can further their reach in providing healthy, lovingly-prepared meals to people struggling to put food on the table right now.

Click here to Donate to FareShare | Learn More About Other Ways to Give